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Salty air and calculus equations – that's how it all started for me. Long Island boy, weekends on the waves, weekdays dissecting numbers in the classroom. But teaching biology couldn't quench the fire in my belly – I craved to build something tangible, not just equations on a board. So, I traded textbooks for mortgage files, channeling my passion for explaining the complex into empowering families to own their own piece of sandcastle.

It's not just about numbers, though. My clients' dreams are my compass, guiding me through pre-approval jitters and down payment riddles. I break it down, whiteboard in hand, like explaining fractions on the beach – simple, relatable, with a dash of Long Island charm.

And I don't stop there. Community's my anchor, so you'll find me at financial workshops, casting nets of knowledge to first-time buyers. Mentoring new loan officers, too – sharing the love of fishing, the thrill of a closed deal, the biggest catch – a client's smile as their dream home comes into view.

Call me ambitious, call me a Long Island dreamer. But one thing's for sure – I'm building more than mortgages, I'm building futures, one brick, one lesson, one smile at a time.

Derek Abeles: The mortgage maestro, the community cheerleader, the dream-builder, one loan at a time.

Hometown: Mt. Sinai NY

Specialty: First Time Home Buyers


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